FHA Mortgage Advertising – Why Not Purchase FHAhandbook.com?

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A Web-Based FHA Mortgage Advertising Platform

Advertising your FHA mortgage products and programs can be a real challenge. It’s a crowded field. Many thousands of lenders participate in this program, so there’s a lot of competition. Owning a website like FHAhandbook.com would give you a major advantage over your competition.

The nature of this website attracts a lot of mortgage shoppers, and particularly those who are researching the FHA loan program. We publish a wide variety of information relating to the HUD 203(b) mortgage program. We create original content (articles, news and tutorials) covering some of the most popular FHA-related topics. As a result, our website brings in a steady stream of mortgage shoppers and researchers — day after day.

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HUD Advertising Requirements for FHA Loans

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued specific requirements for FHA mortgage advertising. Their guidelines mostly boil down to this: Lenders and mortgage companies can include the “FHA” name on their advertising materials, as long as they make it clear to borrowers that they are not part of any government agency. In other words, you cannot claim to be an official source for FHA loans.

These FHA advertising requirements can be found in HUD Mortgagee Letter 2011-17. This stated purpose of this letter is to ensure that borrowers are “properly informed of the authorship of advertisements that promote FHA products and are not misled to believe that the service or product being advertised is HUD … endorsed.”

This letter also states that lenders must not imply that their “business services or products originate from HUD, FHA, the Government of the United States, or any Federal, State or local government agency.”

Common-Sense Compliance

These are common-sense advertising guidelines that are easy to comply with. In short, don’t mislead consumers about the nature of your company or the services you provide.

Bottom line: It’s possible to have a website with FHA in the name while still meeting HUD’s advertising guidelines. Just ask the owners of FHA.com, who have been online for 17 years. Our website complies with HUD’s advertising requirements for FHA mortgage loans and does not attempt to deceive consumers. If you were to purchase the site, you could place additional disclosures and licensing statements as appropriate, to ensure your ongoing compliance.

Important: As a HUD-approved mortgagee, it is your responsibility to ensure that your marketing materials comply with all applicable guidelines. We encourage you to read and understand all applicable laws and advertising requirements before inquiring about this site.