The 2024 FHA Loan Handbook for Home Buyers

Download the only FHA loan handbook created specifically for home buyers!

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has insured more than 40 million home loans since its inception in 1934. Last year alone, more than 700,000 Americans used an FHA loan to either purchase or refinance a home. Most of those loans were for home purchases, which are the primary subject of this e-book.

But is an FHA loan right for you? This e-book will help you decide.

Written by Brandon Cornett, creator of, this e-book will help you understand the features, requirements, and pros and cons of an FHA-insured home loan.

5 Reasons to Download the FHA Handbook

Need a compelling reason to download this guide? Here are five of them:

1. It’s written specifically for home buyers.

The official HUD handbook for FHA loans was created for mortgage lenders. It includes an eye-watering 1,800+ pages of information that won’t mean much to you as a home buyer.

In contrast, we developed our FHA loan handbook specifically for home buyers and mortgage shoppers. It contains all of the information you need to know as a borrower, without buying you under a mountain of lender-specific administrative minutiae.

2. It’s unbiased and objective.

Some mortgage lenders sing the praises of FHA loans because they make money by originating such loans. This makes them a biased source of information.

The 2024 FHA Loan Handbook was created by consumer advocates, not lenders. It provides an unbiased and objective look at the FHA loan program, warts and all. It explains all of the benefits this program offers, as well as some of the potential drawbacks.

3. It’s comprehensive. 

At 58 pages, this is a slim and accessible reference guide. But it’s also jam-packed with useful information that home buyers and borrowers need to be successful.

Topics included in this e-book include:

  • An explanation on how FHA loans work
  • Potential benefits for home buyers
  • Minimum requirements (credit scores, income, etc.)
  • How FHA mortgage insurance works
  • An explanation of FHA loan limits
  • Potential drawbacks from using an FHA loan
  • Strategies for saving money when using an FHA loan
  • And a whole lot more…

4. It’s reader-friendly and accessible.

Mortgage loans are complicated. And when you bring a government agency like the FHA into the picture, things can get even more complicated.

This guide is written in a reader-friendly manner, so that anyone can understand it. It takes complex topics like mortgage insurance and breaks them down into easily “digestible” chunks. It uses plain language and plenty of examples to help you absorb the information.

5. It’s up-to-date with all of the latest information.

The FHA loan program changes all the time. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regularly issues “Mortgagee Letters” to announce such changes.

Unfortunately, a lot of mortgage lender websites and blogs don’t reflect these changes. So there’s a lot of outdated and erroneous information online relating to FHA loans.

Our FHA loan handbook contains all the latest information about this program. Anytime HUD announces a change to the FHA loan program, we update our handbook accordingly.

The bottom line: This is the most useful, informative, and reader-friendly FHA loan guide you’ll find anywhere. And it was created for home buyers just like you!